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How to Explore an Area Using Google Maps

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How to Explore an Area Using Google Maps

When you’re looking for a house to buy, the area it’s located in is a huge part of the deal. The community has to fit your lifestyle, right? You need your sidewalks or running trails nearby if outdoor activities are your thing. Maybe lush landscaping is important to you or you love the idea of a water feature in the area. Spacing of houses is important too. Some people like to be a bit further away from their neighbor. Also, you have to know what is in close driving or walking distance.

What if you could research all of this for yourself before you take the time to look at a home?

You can. After a conversation in the office, I was inspired to share how beneficial Google Maps can be in the home buying process. Some things you just have to see for yourself. For other things, you can see an image online and get an idea.

To try this out, go to and type the address of the home you’re interested in in the upper left hand corner. Click on the forward arrow next to it and you’ll be taken to an overhead map view of the property and area. If you look for the Earth version of the map and click on that you’ll see an actual satellite view. It’s not always up to date, they are updated every so often, but you can get a pretty good view of the property and community in most cases. For some areas there’s an option to explore the Street View which will probably be most helpful. You can navigate as if you’re actually walking there on the street. For further exploration, use the + and – symbols to zoom in and out and see what’s close like shopping plazas, main roads and more.

Your experience may be slightly different than the one I described above depending on your web browser and such but if you use the keywords I mentioned to navigate you’ll be able to explore and possibly save yourself some time in the home buying process!

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