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Tips for Decluttering Before Moving

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Decluttering Before Moving

So you’re buying a house, selling a house, whatever it may be– you’re moving. Bringing every belonging of yours and your family’s from one home to another. The thought of it can be so overwhelming. But what if you had less stuff to move? I don’t mean getting rid of prized possessions for the hope of an easier move. I’m talking about going through your stuff and finding extras, broken things, clothes that don’t fit your body or your taste, books you won’t touch again and anything that might fit into this category. Moving is what you make of it. A fresh new start is a much better outlook. Here are some areas I think you can go through and find some stuff to move on from before you move out.


Decluttering the closets, under bed storage, dressers and anywhere else you may store clothes is a great place to start. Seasonally I like to be honest with myself and let go of a few things that just aren’t for me any more. In 2016 I went through all of my clothes every where and kept an organized 2/3 of what I had before. Now every piece of clothing I own is something that fits and that I’m excited to wear.

Kitchen Things

How many pots and pans does one family really need? As time goes on it’s easy to accumulate multiples of heavy kitchen things like slow cookers, pots, juicers, etc. With your new home in the plans, think about what kind of kitchen you’re really trying to create. Let some of those old gadgets go and lighten the load.


These things are heavy. You can really lighten the load by letting go of some books. Imagine your bookshelves loaded with readable books that make you happy to turn the pages. Everything else must go. With books, and anything else for that matter, donating is the way to go! Load the car up and let your things find a new happy home. You’ll appreciate what you have more and will have an easier move ahead of you.

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